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Services & Pricing

Here is a few of the many services we offer. We can customize your service to your exact needs. We offer complimentary consultations for our services. 

Cutting & Stying 

Woman’s Haircut       

Men’s Haircut 




Special Occasion       

Liberty    Mariah    Jessica
Ashlynn                   Hannah          

 40+        50+          65+    



25+          32+          32+      



30+         45+          48+      



75+          80+           85+   

*+Prices may go up depending on  extra work done or extra time taken.

Selfie-portrait of cute brunette girl with short hair sitting at table on terrace in resta

Color & Blonding

Full Color


Color Retouch


Foil Highlight

Partial Foil Highlight





Partial Balayage   

Liberty      Mariah    Jessica
Ashlynn                     Hannah                                                               

  70+             90+         100+       


 55+              75+          85+        



90+             105+         120+        



75+              90+         100+    



135+            155+       170+      



95+              110+       125+ 

Graceful short-haired girl looking over shoulder in cozy street restaurant. Outdoor shot o

* These are base service prices. There is also a color charge based on the amount of color used on each individual.

Smoothing Treatments

We proudly offer Cezanne Smoothing Treatments. Cezanne is a 100% formaldehyde free keratin smoothing treatment.

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