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Looking for your new salon home?

Studio G Salon is a commission based salon. We work as a team, believe in each other, and support one another. We believe continuing education, and an eagerness to learn is the key to our success.

At Studio G Salon, our mission is to educate and empower our artists so they may enhance their skills and share their talents with the world, giving people the key to unlock their most beautiful confident selves.

Our Culture

  • Studio G Salon is a team based environment.

  • We take continuing education very seriously, attending multiple classes a year.

  • We believe the best way to learn is keeping an open mind.

  • Mental health is important. We strive to keep a positive workplace.

  • We truly care about our guests. We do what it takes to make guests feel comfortable while in our chair.

  • We strive to do our best work at all times, never cutting corners or rushing through a service.

  • Our environment is clean and well maintained so we all have a comfortable place to call our salon home.

  • We believe in keeping the lines of communication open.

  • We like to have fun outside of work, which gives us time to bond.

Our Team

  • We are a family.

  • We encourage each other, compliment each others work and believe in each other.

  • We help each other to flourish and succeed in our careers.

  • We help each other out whenever possible.

  • We do not put each other down.

  •  Gossip and backstabbing will not be tolerated at Studio G Salon.

Our Expectations

  • We work hard and take our careers seriously.

  • The learning never stops. We require to you to take any education necessary for your success.

  •  Guests depend on us. We show up.

  • Drama does not follow us into the salon.

  • Sick days happen. We understand. But just as guests depend on you, we depend on you. A doctors note is required if you are out sick.

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