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Hi There,  I'm Gina!

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Specializing in haircutting, razor cutting, texturizing, all types of hair color, blonding & balayage.

Gina is our fearless leader; proud mama of 2 kids, 2 dogs, salon resident betta fish "Boba"; crazy plant lady & healthy hair expert.


"My favorite thing about being a hairstylist is getting to know my wonderful guests & being able to see your faces light up when you look at your reflection after time in my chair. I love the challenge of finding the perfect color and cut for you and being able to see our collaborative efforts come to fruition!"

     I became a hairstylist because it has interested me from a young age. My Barbies always had short colorful hair, thanks to my safety scissors and Crayola markers. After an awesome education at one of the  best cosmetology schools in the country, I have since moved on to my beloved Hattori Hanzo shears and actual hair color.

     Here are some things about me you should know. I love my job and look forward to doing hair everyday. I want you to feel amazing, like you can handle anything life throws your way. As an empath, I genuinely care about each person that sits in my chair and I'm willing to go the extra mile for them.

     I am a serial hobby collector, I love plants, indoor and outdoor, it's so satisfying helping a plant grow and flourish. I love Chopin, there's just something about his music that speaks to my soul.  I think history is awesome, I especially love biblical history and civil war history. I love exploring historical places with my family. Oh yes, I inadvertently name babies. My Husband and I have 2 beautiful children, and two Japanese Chin pups. We proudly call Stafford County home, we have lived here for most of our lives.

    As someone who never really had a great haircut growing up, it is my goal to create some amazing hair that you can easily style yourself and can feel confident about. I love a challenge and can't wait to meet you!



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