Jena Kirk

Jena Kirk • Stylist

Although Jena Kirk was not born in Stafford she has lived in Stafford since she was four years old. Jena attended Brooke Point High School and graduated in 2007. After working in the food industry as a server for several years Jena decided that she would like to pursue a career in the beauty industry. In February 2011 she enrolled and began her education at Regency Beauty Institute in Manassas, Virginia. Jena joined the Studio G family as an assistant in April 2011 while attending school at Regency. She worked as an assistant from 9-3 every day and went to night school. Gina took Jena under her wings until she graduated from Regency in August 2012. After graduation she went through intensive training by Gina to ensure that she was fully capable of handling all hair care needs. Jena continues to expand her knowledge in this field through continuing education. Her passions are cutting and dimensional coloring.

Jena has been working full time at Studio G as part of our stylist team since December 2012. Jena is a very successful stylist and we are very happy that our investment in time and training has paid off through her excellent skills as a stylist.